Nortel Norstar Meridian Office Phone System 4-T7316E 5 Year Warranty

Nortel Norstar Meridian Office Phone System 4-T7316E 5 Year Warranty

1 new caller id card for 4 lines and 16 extensions with 4 new t7316e charcoal telephones they have 22 one touch programmable buttons. If you have any questions please feel free to. We also have a network of installation companies nationwide that can help you install the product.

The norstar-plus compact ics is the newest member of the norstar-plus family of fully digital business communications systems. The compact ics continues the standard set by norstar systems in providing friendly, intuitive business communications. It combines the latest technological advances with liquid crystal display (lcd) windows on every telephone, making it powerful, yet easy to use. And it can easily grow from 4 lines and 8 stations all the way to 8 lines and 24 stations. Popular features the norstar-plus compact ics is packed with well over a hundred powerful features, like integrated automated attendant which easily answers your calls and routes them to the right person or group. This convenient feature means you decide whether to take the call or return it later with a simple touch of a key. With direct inward system access (disa), you can dial in to your compact ics remotely to use system features, direct dialing of internal sets, and cost- saving outgoing lines. Other standard features include: auto daylight savings time, paging, music on hold, automatic set relocation, and toll restriction, just to name a few. And you can count on the norstar-plus compact ics to deliver.

In fact, over 600,000 businesses and 8 million people in more than 70 countries have relied on the quality built in to every norstar/nortel system. The compact ics is built to last and will grow even more valuable as you add more capacity and applications-always answering the call to help you stay ahead of your competition. Remarkable scalability business is never predictable. How you handle calls today may not meet your needs tomorrow as your business changes and grows.

With the norstar-plus compact ics, it’s easy to integrate your choice of valuable applications. Or fax messaging to retrieve faxes anywhere there’s a fax machine and provide immediate round-the-clock fax responses to routine inquiries. Start with the solutions you need now, then seamlessly add other applications when you’re ready even more than you can imagine today. The norstar-plus compact ics is flexible, expanding with your business- easily and cost-effectively. Because of its innovative building-block design, you can start with 4 lines and 8 stations and with software and system expansion cartridges grow all the way to 8 lines and 24 stations. So when you’re ready to grow even more, you still don’t have to be concerned about your investment because you can easily upgrade to the norstar-plus modular ics. When the receptionist is overloaded or away from the desk, calls may go unanswered or must be covered by another person, taking them away from other responsibilities. The integrated automated attendant in the norstar-plus compact ics efficiently answers and transfers large volumes of calls, enhancing your business image and customer service.

Since incoming calls are handled automatically, your receptionist and other employees are free for other productive work. Computer telephony integration how much time is lost transferring a call to the right person? Then how much time does that person spend trying to find the customer’s information? How often do your employees have to promise a callback to a customer in order to research an order or service request? The account information appears automatically on the screen.

Information about the account can be updated while on the call. And if the call is transferred, the account information is automatically sent along, too. Your employees will spend less time searching for information, more time providing good service to your customers.

You can reduce expensive callbacks. And customers will notice the exceptional service, increasing the chance they’ll come back to you again.

To enable these applications to work, norstar-plus compact ics supports microsoft’s telephony application programming interface (tapi) and will soon support novell’s telephony services application programming interface (tsapi), the two leading cti standards. In addition to norstar’s cti products, a wide range of cti applications based on these standards will be available from other software developers as well.

Or, you can create your own sophisticated solutions all working together in your norstar-plus compact ics. Future-ready platform the versatility of the norstar-plus compact ics platform means you won’t have to worry about replacing your system to take advantage of evolving communications technologies. The open architecture of the compact ics makes it inherenfly adaptable and cost-effective so you can easily add new capabilities when you’re ready. The internet is a powerful medium for communicating with customers, suppliers, and business partners. With isdn bri the compact ics will help you get, move, and use the information you need quickly-to keep your business moving ahead.

And no additional hardware or installation is required because one ata is fully integrated with the norstar system. Additional ata’s can easily be added if you need to connect more than one analog device. World-renowned quality and reliability… The company that stands behind the advanced technology of norstar-plus compact ics is northern telecom (nortel). Founded in 1895, nortel is now one of the world’s leading providers of fully digital telecommunications switching and transmission systems.

The norstar-plus compact ics is built on everything that’s made norstar the #1 small-system choice for all types of businesses around the world. And because norstar-plus compact ics is from nortel, you can count on its quality and reliability for years to come. The norstar-plus compact ics-an affordable system packed with powerful advantages for your business. Never missing a call. Reducing costs while increasing productivity and improving customer service.

You’ll enjoy all the outstanding features, plus the reliability, and flexibility of the norstar-plus compact ics. Even more, you’ll enjoy its affordable price. With its attractive dolphin gray color, sleek size, and minimal exterior identification, the norstar-plus compact ics fits professionally into your business. Wall-mounted’ the norstar-plus compact ics doesn’t take up floor space.

Energy efficient, requiring low power consumption. Uses standard grounded wall sockets.

Features: power and speed. 16 mhz motorola 68306,16 bit data bus, microprocessor with 33.3 million instructions per second (mips) digital signal processor (dsp) high-perfommance d-channel messaging-2 transmitters support stations (telephones) located up to 2,600 feet away be sure to add me to your favorites list! Be sure to add me to your.

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